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A simple tool that empowers teachers and students to experience their lessons through extended reality.

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Learn to Understand

Our mission is to help students learn towards understanding and provide a pathway to discover what they really love.

21st Century Curriculum

World class K-12 lesson plans for next-generation curriculum in Science and Maths.

Harness The Impossible

Students can bring objects into the classroom that would not be possible in reality.

Perspective Control

Students can easily view 3D models at any angle, distance and scale within AR for a new perspective

User Interaction

Students can interact with AR content to develop a deeper understanding of a topic.

Stimulate the senses

Students can engage with a range of multi-sensory learning experiences using AR.

X-Ray Effect

Students can look inside objects and discover what they are made of and understand the innards.

Learn by inquiry and visualization

Spend less time planning and more time learning by using existing interactive AR simulations and activities aligned with NGSS and common core standards.

  • Students actively engage in scientific and engineering practices and apply crosscutting concepts to deepen their understanding of the core ideas in these fields.
  • Students can immerse themselves in the lessons, explore and collaborate to see why they are central to understanding, leading them to a new level of engagement with teachers.

Explore, Learn and Choose

Students are exposed to different fields of study which are aligned to their understanding via courses from research students all over the world.

  • The actual doing of science or engineering can pique students curiosity, capture the interest, and motivate their continued study.
  • A seamless transition happens between leaning and assessment without the shackles of the current culture of evaluation.


On a goal to impact One Billion learners and that continues to inspire us every day.

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